The Healing Justice Movement is an intersectional youth-led movement for youth of color and our neighborhoods. The goal of this movement is to (re)build community structure through self and community healing facilitated through intergenerational community organizing. Our vision cannot be a reality if we do not have the love and support of our families, friends, peers and community members (regardless of sexuality, race, ethnicity, ability, gender, religion, class, social label). This fight for liberation is an extension of past and present movements and commitments (domestically and internationally) to fight against all forms of oppression. We valued the knowledge that created strength within us to organize against systemic, institutional, and historical roots causes of trauma. As we use strategies to facilitate forms of resistance, we will simultaneously practice Healing Justice. For our movement, healing is a two-way street—inwardly focused on recuperating from wounds inflicted by interlocking systems of oppression (i.e., internalized oppression and community violence) and outwardly focused on dismantling the functionality of institutions, laws, policies, practices and ideas that maintain and perpetuate harm and violence in our everyday experiences. When we practice building trust and relationships amongst ourselves that is the key to transforming the colonized internalized mindset we have of each other. Caring relationships provide us with the base and fuel to fight and protect each other. We believe healing transpires when our communities are deeply engaged in dialogue about cultural history, how power functions in our community. Healing happens when our communities are committed to building trust building, and when individual and community accountability is predicted on protecting the people and the future of our existence. Healing Justice happens, when we come together! Come Heal with us!

We started this movement because the grassroots leadership of youth of color from poor and working class urban communities are rarely seriously engaged or included in city-wide developments of policy, law and institutions that have serious consequences for our lives and communities. We created this assessment survey to better understand how these laws, policies, and institutions cause harm in our lives. We created this assessment survey to better understand the healing needs, practices and desires of youth of color living through systemic oppression. We believe the leadership of youth of color must be included in these conversation! Our goal is to use this youth community assessment as a foundation to build a city-wide intergenerational youth-led movement for Healing and Justice. We would love for you and others to join us in developing this movement. Taking our survey is an easy first step. We promise that everything you share in the survey will be confidential. We promise that everything you tell us will be honored and treated with respect, love and care. We will share back everything we learn/gathered from this survey on our organizational website, through city-wide events and written reports. We would like you to be a part of building this with us. If you would like to be more involved with assisting us in developing this Healing Justice Movement, please leave us your name and the best way to contact you on the last page of the survey. It will take only about 15 minutes to complete the survey. Thanks for taking time out your day, much love and respect!