IMG_2919The Nat Turner Revolutionary Leadership Program

NTRLP is a six-month political education, skill-building, resource connecting and training program. The Nat Turner Revolutionary Leadership Program’s objectives are to develop youth of color leadership capacities in group facilitations, social critical analysis, public speaking, socio-emotional development, community outreach, event planning, campaign development, conflict de-escalation and meditation, creative and formal writing, community engagement, and conducting participatory action research.

Youth Organizing Collective

YOC is a collective of young people ages 15-25 who come from diverse backgrounds, but are all pushed out of mainstream institutions. They build community and create safer spaces for each other while engaging in political education and community organizing. YOC goals are to encourage skill-building and political agency in young people. The program’s priorities also include compensating young people for their time, energy, and analyses.

The skill-building aspects of the program include gaining concrete skills to help navigate mainstream economies, such as graduate level research methodology and writting, policy analysis, community organizing, event planning, effective communication, and technological skills through H.O.L.L.A!Tv. Young people in YOC also have the option to seek services and resources through H.O.L.L.A!’s network, such as GED/High School Diploma preparation, employment training, and paid internships.

Other aspects of the program facilitate political agency through our Socio-political Workshop Series, which all the young people in YOC learn to facilitate. The series aims to encourage youth to explore meaningful ways to resist oppression and challenge privilege. YOC is a community of young people and H.O.L.L.A! family who support varied political projects, and encourage young people to take control over their own narratives, whether that means resisting through engaging in art making, critical participatory action research, or community organizing.