Our Socio-Political Workshop Series is a series of workshops that youth organizers in our YOC program facilitate. The series aims to encourage youth to explore meaningful ways to resist oppression and challenge privilege.

The workshops engage in community leadership, critical action, and social change by examining how oppression and privilege operate and impact our daily lives. The curriculum reflects H.O.L.L.A!’s principles and covers identity, gender and sexuality, race/ethnicity, the prison industrial complex, class, community building/organizing, and political/cultural history.

Please contact us for a full list of our workshops, and to request any of them.

Featured workshops:

The Prison Industrial Complex: A Political History

  • Gain a historical understanding of the prison industrial complex
  • Identify movements of resistance against the criminal punishment system
  • Understand the role of racism, sexism, and classism in the prison industrial complex

Race and the Environment

  • Identify the role of racism in environmental injustice
  • Understand the disproportionate impact of environmental injustice on people of color and poor people
  • Examine the international scope of environmental injustice, racism, and resistance

Say it Loud! Pubic Speaking and Youth Leadership

  • Identify the importance of public speaking and critical analysis in community engagement
  • Practice using techniques for presenting information and analysis
  • Introduce tools for facilitation and community organizing