Arocks a is formerly incarcerated co-founder and Healing Justice Organizer. AROCKS is a consultant and mentor for Harlem Commonwealth Council’s Arches program, located on the west side of Harlem. In the Arches program, he work closely with the Department of Probation to support and assist youth between the ages of 16 and 25 who are entangled in the criminal injustice/punishment system. An activist at heart, Arocks is sincerely passionate about making systematic changes in urban communities. Arocks has shared his past experience within the criminal punishment system with many.  He has done volunteer work with individuals, other community-based organizations, colleges and community centers to promote social change. Leveraging his past entanglement with the criminal punishment system, Arocks believes education and giving back is a way he and others can indirectly and directly support youth living in under-resourced communities.